Cenote Excursion

Cenotes are underground water systems whose ceilings have collapsed due to their own weight. Since water corrodes the rock with its acidity throughout many years it flows underground.  These reservoirs open up to the sky and were believed to be the entrance to the mayan underworld by pre-hispanic cultures in the Riviera.

Cenotes come in many different shapes and sizes. Some have water level almost at ground level, while some others have water over 20 meters deeper than the ground level. Mostly related to the height and distance to sea level.  Some Cenotes have mangroves all around, and others are still buried quite deep underground, surrounded by cave systems that connect them. Together they form the longest underwater cave system in the whole world.  Which is taped by divers year after year and is still revealing incredible historic mysteries.

There are fossil organisms preserved by the water’s acidity. In most cenotes there are still trees fallen from that sealing that collapsed and are also preserved by the water acidity.

Water is usually 26 degrees Celsius, but some of them have it a few degrees colder, very few will have their water any warmer.


  • Cenotes entrance fees
  • Transport from Playa Del Carmen to dive sites and return
  • Food and drinks


  • Transport from remote locations outside Playa Del Carmen and return (10-40 usd)
  • Diving equipment (check equipment rental pricelist)


  • Private course $500 USD (2 Days)
  • Private with Pepe $700 USD (2 Days)