Bullshark Freedive

Our unique Bullshark Freedive experience works within a small boat. It offers guidance in 20-28 meter deep water presenting from mild to strong currents and moderate waves.

The dive is performed off of Playa del Carmen (10 minute ride by boat) and the Bullsharks are (Carcharhinus leucas) pregnant females. (big and fat). We set a buoy and rope to guide us to depth and depending on current conditions we set a second vertical line with the buoy away from the first one running parallel.

Even so, to access this excursion you must meet experience requirements:

–SSI Freediving Certification Level 2 or equivalent (20-30 m)

-Comfortable proper 25 meter dives

-Comfortable hangs at 20 meters of over 30 seconds
-Ocean Waves and Current Comfortable.

-Absolute control of your fears in stress situations (waves, current, 25m deep, SHARKS)