Payment, Refunds and Cancelations

*Full payment must be done before the starting of any Blackfin Freediving Tour, Class or Experience.

*Exchange rate for 1 Usd is 20 Mx Pesos.

*Paypal or Card payment has a 10% Transaction Fee when balance is paid, doesn’t apply for deposit unless 100% payment is due on deposit date.

*Justified cancelations have 60% credit only, 40% fee is kept for expenses due and sale commission fees paid.

*Fees might be taken from refunds by PayPal or other Transfer Systems, so % might fall short.

*Exchange rates might also affect the amounts received both in money paid and refunds sent, (Consider this fees might be greater than you think.

*Non Justified Cancellations and NoShows do not refund.

*Missing guests are dealt with as MUST be PAID “NOSHOWS”, refused entry including hung over or intoxicated guests.

*Uneducated or unacceptable behavior will be refused entry no refund.

*Changes to reservations at least 24 hours prior to Scheduled.

*Pax cancelations can be done the latest 24 hours prior.

*We reserve the right to determine what a justified cancelation is or is not.

*We reserve the right to refuse Pax or Groups with no refund without any more or further explanation than we deem necessary.

*Blackfin Staff and Instructors must be addressed with patience and respect.

*We reserve the right to choose or modify how we run logistics daily.

We value your business while enjoying our designed experiences for your happiness.