Payment, Refunds and Cancelations

*Full payment must be done before the starting of any Blackfin Freediving Tour, Class or Experience.

*Blackfin determines what the exchange rate for Usd and Mx Pesos is.

*Paypal has a 8% Transaction Fee Increment.

*Justified cancelations have 60% refund only, 40% fee is kept for expenses due and sale commission fees paid.

*Fees might be taken from refunds by PayPal or other Transfer Systems, so % might fall short.

*Exchange rates might also affect the amounts received both in money paid and refunds sent, so this fees might be greater than you think.

*Non Justified Cancellations do not refund.

*Missing guests are dealt with as MUST be PAID “NOSHOWS”, including hung over or intoxicated guests.

*Uneducated or unacceptable behavior must pay X2 ej. 500 usd rude pax must pay 1000 usd

*Full days can be changed into half days 16 hours prior the latest.

*Pax cancelations can be done the latest 16 hours prior.

*We reserve the right to determine what a justified cancelation is or is not.

*We reserve the right to refuse Pax or Groups with no refund without any more or further explanation than we deem necessary.

*Blackfin Staff and Instructors must be addressed with patience and respect.

*We are Artists Expressing through Designed Experience, we reserve the right to choose or modify how we run things.

We value your business enjoying our designed offers and micromanage within reason for your happiness.