Freediving SSI Level 2

SSI Freediving Level 2

“You already walk, lets learn new tricks” after understanding basic knowledge and skills you can up your freediving game to achieve depth, bottom time and confort”

Freediving skills reviewed on the course:

Advanced Equalizing
Advanced Physiology
Advanced Technique

SSI Digital Kit to be read at home
4 hours of classroom theory
2 hours of confined waters (pool or pool conditions cenote, max 5 meters deep)
4 hours of depth training (20 to 30 meters cenote or ocean)

Must be certified Freediving Level 1 or equivalent.

We include freediving gear: mask, snorkel, long fins (own your gear is advised)

The digital materials can be studied online or through the SSI app.

The material must be read and answered before the start of the course and we will check your progress online. Please download the app!

Includes SSI Freediving level 2 Certification.

$ 450 usd per person*

$ 750 usd private**