Book your first fundive!

Freediving as any sport has some important information you must understand before it is properly practiced, for this, all of our in water activities have a previous briefing or classroom time equivalent to the amount of knowledge to be transferred. The Fun Dive is a good way of trying the sport for half a day (2 hours), especially while sharing the experience with a few friends of your choice, or we can provide a group for you with planning. There is no need of hight performance athletes for the experience to be enjoyed altho your level of fitness is a factor to your performance.

Basic Safety, Breathing, Equalizing, In Water Skills and Gear to be Used will be covered for a fun dive.

There are several interesting subjects you can try while freediving for the first time.

*People who smoke, drink and lazy around are welcome to join, along as they DO NOT mix any of those while in the group or previous to the experience.

$ 140 usd per person 1 cenote

$ 180 usd per person 2 cenote

$ 900 usd private 1 or 2 pax

$ 300 usd private extra pax