Whale-shark Encounter

Come meet the World’s Largest fish freediving! Yes, the Whale Sharks is actually a fish, also a shark, since all sharks are fish.  The largest fish in the ocean is a gentile spotted giant, and is unbothered by our presence if we properly respect them.

We follow marine park rules which now allow freediving schools to jump in the water without life jackets. Also we jump in the water following a certified instructor.

Don’t worry, whale sharks mainly stay and feed on the surface of the water so you don’t have to worry about trying to keep up with one. However, they are very quick when swimming so It is better to wait for the next one to swim by, rather than chasing after them.

The whale shark diving experience takes place 1 on 1 and a half hour boat ride away from Cancun.
Sometimes we get lucky and encounter giant mantas feeding around the whale sharks (magic to see).

We pride on sharing plenty of information with you about the environment and these incredible animals, which again, are not whales (mammals), they are huge sharks/fish. They do not bite since they filter water to feed, but they can accidentally collide with you if in their line of swimming. They can also hit you with their caudal fin, if instructions aren’t followed.

On the boat ride back to Cancun, we stop in Isla Mujeres Playa Norte for a snack and enjoy the most beautiful waters you’ve ever encountered.

*Whale Sharks are wildlife in their wild environment.  We do not in any way guarantee being able to see them since it isn’t within our control for them to be present when we want them to be.. We do however constantly monitor conditions and previous days so we can elevate the chances of you  encountering them. Chances are slim but if at all you are unlucky enough to not find them on your special day, we will offer you the best deal possible to try again on a different day.

*Options departing and arriving to and from Isla Mujeres are available also.

Price per person is 320 usd

Private Charter is 2500 usd and can accommodate 1 to 5 guests*

*200 extra guest

Includes Freediving Gear, Snacks, Drinks and longer time in Isla Mujeres Playa Norte.

Overall length 7.30 to 15.00