Freediving, also called Breath Hold Diving or Apnea, is a sport in which we voluntarily hold our breath while we perform different tasks or activities underwater.

In recent years the popularity of the competitive version has grown, but it has existed for thousands of years in human civilization. Like the Ama Women in Japan who survived by collecting and fishing on breath holds for many generations. It has even existed for millions of years in the animal kingdom where dolphins, whales, turtles and other creatures give a whole new meaning to the freediving lifestyle.

We guide you around the different disciplines in which you can practice the sport and the best way to find your interest is trying a Freediving Funday or getting your Level 1 Certification. This teaches you how to “walk and then run” around the knowledge and skills to properly understand what is going on with your body and mind.

We Love Freediving and We are certain that with us you will love either of these freedive options:


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